Classical Ballet – Classical Ballet is the foundation for almost all styles of dance. It has a vocabulary of steps, poses and movements that develop strength, control, flexibility and correct body alignment as well as core stability, balance and poise. Training in ballet also provides a strong technical base for dance styles such as contemporary, jazz and tap.

MAKS Ballet Studios provide classes in a friendly, caring yet structured environment and offers ballet examinations using the Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) Syllabus, which is an internationally recognised dance education and training organisation.

MAKS teachers impart a sound classical technique to all students according to their individual ability.

Contemporary – Contemporary dance is more free form of movement, tending to be a fusion of ballet and modern dance. It builds a strong centre and combines precision leg work with fluidity of the torso and upper body. There are many different styles of contemporary dance which encourages self expression, natural movement and personal interpretation, integrating stylistic integrity and emotional depth.

Jazz – Jazz is a high energy style of dance performed to popular, upbeat music. Divided into age appropriate classes, students gain technical understanding and performance skills as well as improved flexibility and fitness.

Tap – Tap is a rhythmical style of dance that is both fun and challenging, gaining skills in co-ordination, musicality and rhythm. Classes focus on accuracy of footwork.

Stretch and Conditioning – Our stretch and conditioning classes improve flexibility, strength and co-ordination designed and especially tailored for dancers using our own expertise and experience over years of professional training.