In these terms and conditions, the terms ‘You’ and ‘Your’ means the Student/Purchaser. The words ‘We’, ‘our’ and ‘Us’ refer to MAKS Ballet Studios.

This is an Agreement between the Student and MAKS Ballet Studios.

Note: Where the student is a minor/dependent/child, as defined by Australian law, this Agreement will be deemed to be between the Studio and the parent or guardian of the minor.

  1. MAKS Ballet Studios’ Studio Policies and information on how to participate in MAKS Ballet Studios’ classes, programs and activities, including electronic and hard copy information, form part of these Terms & Conditions. Participation in MAKS Ballet Studios activities will be considered acceptance of these Terms & Conditions, and any ongoing updates of these Terms & Conditions.
  2. The parent/guardian agrees to enrol the student annually and provide MAKS Ballet Studios with their personal details and emergency contact details as per the enrolment form.
  3. You agree to advise MAKS Ballet Studios of any changes to personal information and emergency contact details as they occur.
  4. Fees are payable within 14 days from the date of each invoice. Once paid, fees are final and non-refundable, MAKS Ballet Studios’ policy for payment and refunds is explained in the Studio Policies.
  5. Wherever possible, you will advise MAKS Ballet Studios of an absence prior to commencement of class.
  6. Your enrolment at MAKS Ballet Studios is exclusive of all other dance schools. You may apply in writing for approval by the Directors to enrol at another dance school for genres not offered at MAKS Ballet Studios.
  7. On occasion physical contact with students may be necessary for teaching demonstration and technique placement purposes. If you have any concerns regarding this matter please speak directly with the MAKS Ballet Studios Directors.
  8. Any illness or injury experienced by the Student is to be reported to the teacher(s) for suitable management. MAKS Ballet Studios’ policy on illness and injury is explained in the Studio Policies.
  9. Students agree to be respectful towards all members of the MAKS Ballet Studios community and abide by the MAKS Ballet Studios Code of Conduct which is outlined in the Studio Policies.
  10. Due to child protection laws and privacy issues, we are unable to allow parents to take photos or videos of students during open days, performances or student showcase classes unless permission has been granted by a student’s parent or guardian. However, from time to time your child will be photographed or videoed by MAKS Ballet Studios (by a teacher or professional photographer). A photography release form has been included on the MAKS Enrolment Form for you to agree to those images and/or recordings being used for marketing or promotional purposes.
  11. The participant agrees to indemnify MAKS Ballet Studios against any injuries or damage to persons or loss or loss or theft of property, whether caused by negligence or otherwise while participating in the activities provided throughout the program and associated activities.
  12. In the event of an emergency MAKS Ballet Studios reserves the right to apply first aid and take measures necessary to ensure the best outcome for the student, including administration of medication or calling an ambulance. All expenses attached to such treatment will be met by the Parent/Guardian.  The Parent/Guardian and/or emergency contact person listed on the student’s enrolment form will be contacted immediately.
  13. The Directors reserve the right to terminate the enrolment of a Student who is deemed at any point to be behaving in a way that is adverse or detrimental to the well-being of MAKS Ballet Studios and its students. See Studio Policies for more information.
  14. These Terms & Conditions may be altered where necessary, and Student families will be notified in writing.