We pride ourselves on quality training and we love seeing our students pursuing their passion in an industry we love. Many of our students have gone on to advanced full time and pre-professional training with prestigious schools, programs and in professional productions in Australia.

Rohan Hazelton


Alumni Rohan

Rohan Hazelton is a graduate of our MAKS 2020 cohort. His passion for classical dance has taken him to Germany where he is now in his third year of training with the prestigious Palucca University of Dance, Dresden.

“The training from all my teachers and mentors during the three years I was at MAKS Ballet Studios not only helped me refine my skills and technique but helped me find the confidence to reach my goals and move into the next stages of my career. MAKS is the perfect school and environment for any young dancer who wants to further themselves in any genre of dance. They are given plenty of opportunity to grow and learn what it is to be an artist and the thrill of dancing on stage”

Charisse Timermanis


Alumni Charissee

Charisse Timmerman is graduated from MAKS in 2021 and has just completed her second year of pre-professional training at the Sydney Dance Company.

“MAKS was more than just a dance school for me; it was a family and a creative space where I grew as both a dancer and a person. The nurturing environment and technical skills I developed at MAKS truly set me up to move into full time dance at Sydney Dance Company. Matt and Kath’s genuine passion for dance is evident in their teaching practice and the love and hard work they invest in their students. I’m so grateful for my time with Matt and Kath at MAKS”.

Matt Paten


Alumni Matt

Matt Paton graduated from MAKS in 2021 and is currently enjoying his third year at the Australian Ballet School, where he has developed a true passion for ballet.

“What immediately appealed to me about MAKS was the chance to work with a male teacher, something I had never done before. Matthew and Katherine Shilling saw potential in me, and their endless patience and dedication to my growth resulted in an offer of a full-time position to train at the Australian Ballet School after only six months of ballet with MAKS. I cannot thank Matt, Kath, and the MAKS family enough for the wonderful support I received, and how they helped me see what I didn’t see in myself. They will always be an integral part of my dance journey and I will be forever grateful for them”.

Bella Da Costa


Alumni Bella

Bella DaCosta graduated from MAKS in 2022 and is in her first year of fulltime training with the New Zealand School of Dance where she is majoring in contemporary dance.

My training at MAKS was one of the best periods in my life, with such a loving and supportive environment that nurtured my growth as both a dancer and a person. Matt and Kath’s undeniable passion for dance radiates throughout the school, creating a motivated and inspired group of students. Their extensive knowledge and genuine belief in me helped me to keep pushing to reach my highest potential and achieve goals I didn’t think were possible. Even now, whilst in full time training at New Zealand School of Dance, the lessons taught by Matt and Kath are instilled in my every day. I am forever grateful for their support and expert guidance, which has shaped me into the person and dancer I am today.”

Angus Philips-Higham


Alumni Angus

“Ballet and dance training requires teachers with high level technical skills and lived performance experience, Matt and Kath Shilling from MAKS Ballet Studios taught me the foundations of dance technique and performance.

They provided me with mentorship and helped to build my confidence and focus in dancing.

I draw upon the skills that taught me every day as I continue my training at The Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary London and pursue my aim to have a career in dance.”

Mya Ruberto


Alumni Mya

Mya Ruberto graduated from MAKS in 2021 and has just completed her second year of fulltime training at Ev and Bow in Sydney.

“MAKS has one of the most supportive and inclusive environments that I have experienced. It is truly like being part of a family where I felt supported to grow and received excellent training from some of the most amazing teachers. Matt and Kath Shilling provided so much care whilst also pushing me to meet my potential. They created an environment in which I felt comfortable to push myself and be myself. Even though I’ve been gone for two years they continue to provide guidance and advice whenever I need it. I could not recommend MAKS Ballet Studios more”.

Sarah Marley


Alumni Sarah

Profile coming soon!

David Windeyer


Alumni David

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